Fall Lattes

Our Seasonal Lattès reflect the colors and the tastes of the season.
Be the fall colors or the sweet tastes of Halloween, you will find them enjoyable.


Pumpkin Spice – Speaks for itself!

Maple Spice – So named!

Leaf Peeper – Mix of colors from cinnamon and white chocolate sauce. Very leafy.

Fall Festival – A great combination of hazelnut and cinnamon

Almond Joy – Just like the candy, almond and coconut.

Twix – Continuing on the candy theme, caramel sauce and cocoa.

Heath Bar – Mocha and toffeenut of course.

York Patty – You guessed it, mocha and peppermint.

Sugar Daddy – Hmmm, caramel and brown sugar.

Pumpkin Patch – Pumpkin pie sauce and cinnamon, pie in a cup!

Harvest Moon Tea Latte – Earl Grey tea, pumpkin spice and steamed milk.